Igor's career in photography started at an early age of nine when he was attending photography classes in the former Soviet Union. He was trained in the entire process from taking the pictures, developing the film, to printing the final image. Now with professional digital SLR cameras and current software techniques he has the freedom and the creative skill to develop images that surpass anything he has done before. To keep current he regularly updates his skills and knowledge of latest technologies and methodologies. He offers a combination of fun-candids, photojournalism and beautiful wedding portraiture. He uses the latest digital photographic equipment and software to ensure that you receive the highest quality prints and albums. This technology allows him to take many more photos than was possible previously and allows much more control than a traditional darkroom. The best photographs selected and then each one is individually processed, allowing him to enhance colours, create black and white or sepia toned images, soften lines, highlight special elements, remove blemishes and compensate for challenging lighting conditions if necessary.